Boozin’ for dough, yo.

Alright kids. I am finally back from my “vacation” (I say “vacation” because I don’t have a real job nor am I in school so I don’t really know what I’m vacationing from, but that’s sort of what it was). This “vacation” took place at the beach in South Carolina and was chock-full of sand, sun, beer, frisbee and mouth-watering southern vittles (which I may have to write about in the near future because they were oh-so-good).

But the most important thing to note from the above statements is that I am back in Chicago, and thus back to the blog. Hooray!

The next most important thing to be aware of is that my number one priority now that I’m back is BOOZING. This probably makes me sound like I have a major drinking problem, but I can (mostly) assure you that is not the case for the following reasons:

Exhibit A: I am getting paid to go out to bars. I recently got hired as a writer for this cool website called Party Earth ( Chicago is their newest destination and I will be one of a select group of reviewers in the city who will go to bars, talk to people, and write really fantastic reviews about said bars. Not only am I getting paid for each review, I will probably get lots of free booze because bar owners want me to like them and write fantastic things about them. Yay!

Exhibit B: I have to go to LOTS of bars. Seriously. I’m supposed to review 500+ places by the end of May. So I will be forced to bar-hop constantly and drink a lot. Thus, boozing IS, in fact, my number one priority. Feel free to join me.

So that’s what’s up. Unfortunately I cannot share my articles with any of you until my contract is up in June (when my articles will get published yay!), but I can let you know where I’ve been going and suggest hot spots in Chicago as I find them.

That’s all for now, but expect many more (and much more frequent) posts shortly.

Next time on E ‘n P: FRIED GREEN TOMATOES. Why are they so good?

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