Boozing, blogging, and thoughts on macaroni and cheese

Having a “real” writing job is making it rather difficult for me to update my own blog regularly. I’m doing my best, I suppose. But going out all the time is really exhausting. I have go bar-hopping late at night, and then I have to get up early and write a lot. My life is so hard.

If you didn’t sense the sarcasm above, let me elaborate for you: ↑ SARCASM.

My job is awesome. Sure it’s tiring sometimes, but I can’t possibly complain. Also, I have begun to master the art of schmoozing with owners and managers so I get free shit (i.e. drinks). It doesn’t work everywhere, but when it does it’s glorious.

And now, here are some things that are awesome:

–Jimmy the bartender at Pippin’s Tavern. I’m pretty sure he mistook me for an important professional writer or something because he thought I was the shit and it was hilarious.

–skipping the long line around the corner at Bull and Bear on Friday night (March Madness Final 4–the place was a madhouse and we got to walk right in like regular VIPs. sweet.)

–PUBLIC HOUSE. that is all I will say for now. expect a post about this tomorrow.


In other news, there is a bar near my apartment called Green Eye and they have the game Connect Four. So now I get to drunkenly recreate wonderful childhood moments whenever I so choose. Hooray!


In further unrelated news, macaroni and cheese is really quite delicious. I mean, duh, right? Hopefully that will be the last stupid and obvious statement I make on this blog (but let’s be real, probably not).

Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about mac & cheese recently because of this article in the Chicagoist on Friday. Almost every bar and restaurant I have been to in Chicago has some version of mac & cheese on their menu, and each version is insanely delicious. (For example, Fountainhead’s mac & cheese with sun-dried tomatoes and duck confit. Drool.)

I try not to order the mac & cheese every time I go out, but usually I can’t help myself. It’s so tempting and cheesy and delicious. I mean, it’s really hard to go wrong with mac & cheese.

Wait. Even better. It’s really hard to go wrong with CHEESE.

Cheese is so good.

I love cheese.

I am going to stop now because I am beginning to salivate and I feel that this might become endless if I continue.

Oh, but one more thing: remember the bacon cookbook I talked about? There is a recipe for mac & cheese in there too. With bacon in it (duh).

And if you’re not hungry yet, look at this:


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