But first, look at this:

Insane, right? 5 lbs of ground meat wrapped in a bacon lattice and slow-cooked over a pig-roaster. I have to review this place for my job. Which 8 people want to come with me and eat this thing? Omnomnom.

Anyway, back to the point (sorry, I get distracted a lot, you should see me in real life).

Beer. Is. Delicious.

If you don’t like beer, then I don’t like you, and you should probably go away and stop reading this now. Because if I find out a beer-hater is reading my blog I will get very upset. VERY UPSET. So upset, in fact, that I might come after you with a mini keg and unleash it upon you in my fury. Be warned.

ANYWAY. I have been drinking a lot of beer lately. A lot of very good beer, in fact. For work (HAHA my job is awesome) I had to go to Piece and The Map Room. So of course I obliged, because WHY NOT I GET TO DRINK FOR A LIVING.

That’s a lie. Sort of. My point is, I drank some really good beers at both of these places. At Piece, the server brought us a flight of the 7 house brews they had on draft that night:

I got to try a bit of everything, which was lovely. The best one: Wackjob. It tastes like Magic Hat #9, but better. Also their Big Black Mariah porter is absolutely lovely, heavy without being too smoky. And if you like bitter beers, the Bell End Bitter is incredible. I’m not usually an English Bitter fan, but this was quite scrumptious.

Oh yeah, and we also had white pizza with mashed potatoes and jalapenos on it. MASHED POTATOES ON PIZZA IS GREAT. Try it.

Our next stop (2 days later, I’m too old for this bar-hopping business anymore) was the Map Room. This was even better than Piece because we got a flight of 8 beers FOR FREE. Yeah dude. The manager was so cool. Also apparently he got his job when the old manager said “Hey, you seem like a good fit, let’s smoke a joint and talk about it.” Nice.

Anyway, these are the beers we got to try:

  • Stiegl Pils –> meh
  • Steigl Goldbrau –> I don’t even remember it, so meh
  • Allagash White –> wheaty, yummm
  • Three Floyds Alpha King –> everyone has had this. it’s great.
  • Firestone Walker Double Jack –> DELICIOUS
  • St. Bernardus abt 12 –> not too shabby
  • New Holland Dragon’s Milk –> SO AMAZING
  • Lindeman’s Framboise –> tastes like juice!

So. Um. If you’ve never had Dragon’s Milk, please go do that right now. That might be one of the best beers I’ve ever had. Also if you’ve never had dragon’s milk, it will make you invincible! I know from experience. Ask anyone. I never get injured or sick. Ever. (It’s funny because I’m totally lying.)

Anyway, after this lovely tasting and a nice chat with the manager, we also tried the Charles Wells Bombardier (an English Bitter) and the Weihenstephaner Korbinian (a Doppelbock). And then we had a Bloody Mary. And then we went to eat Cuban food. And drank a pitcher of sangria. Yeah, Sunday was a good (read: drunk) day.

If you aren’t dreaming of beer, or salivating about beer, or drinking beer at this point, then I am ashamed of you.

DRINK BEER. ALWAYS. It is delicious. And it makes life better.

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