Sunny fruit, free shirts, and steak

I am feeling lazy, so I am going to make this brief:

1) Farmer’s markets are truly wonderful things. The weather was glorious this morning, and all I wanted to do was go to a farmer’s market and get some fruits and eat them in the sun. If you have never experienced this, please do so this summer when the farmers come out.

2) Big Star is, in my opinion, overrated. Please don’t kill me for saying that. But it’s so loud and so hard to have a conversation and really crowded. I don’t know. Maybe it’s me. BUT I did get a free t-shirt, so I will shamelessly advertise Big Star when I walk around because they gave me a free shirt.

3) The Hangge Uppe might be one of the most absurd places ever. So many old people dancing to 80s music. Which is no surprise, anyone who actually remembers the 80s is 30 by now. So yeah, lots of dancing and like ten Bachelorette parties happening there all at once. It was hilarious. And the poor manager seemed like he hated the place with a passion. Aw.

4) I am off to have steak at the most expensive steakhouse in Chicago. Stay tuned for updates.

P.S. This might be the first post in which I did NOT mention bacon! Except I just did. Oh well.

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