I went to a fancy steakhouse, but all I can remember is the pecan pie.

It was so good. I mean, so soooo good. I just…there aren’t words. Drool.

Ok, I’m exaggerating slightly. Not about the goodness of the pie. Oh no. I mean that I can remember plenty of other things.  It’s just that the pie was absolutely unbelievable, and they must have had some sort of monster pie pan because it was over 2 inches deep. And free! (Love my job.)

Gibson’s Bar & Steakhouse is a pretty unusual place. It’s the kind of place that I would walk in and immediately turn around because I would feel like I couldn’t possibly be dressed well enough (or be wealthy enough) to patronize such a restaurant.

But fortunately for me, I had no choice because I had to review the place. And upon entering I realized that the aura Gibson’s exudes it not at all what the place is actually like.

I was dressed simply but nicely and I felt quite overdressed compared to many of the patrons there. Not compared to all, mind you. There were some OLD PEOPLE dressed in suits. But old people always wear suits when they go to nice restaurants. Except for the old guy in the denim jacket, he rocked. (Yes, I am aware I’m making sweeping generalizations. I don’t actually believe that. And if you thought I did, take note: I greatly enjoy SARCASM.)

Anyway, my point is that it is not a “shirt and tie required” sort of restaurant, which is what I had in mind. Instead it invites wealthy, well-dressed older couples and obnoxiously loud denim-clad Midwestern families to sit in a room together and enjoy a nice meal.

But wait, don’t be fooled. It is PRICEY. Holy crap. Cheapest steak on the menu was $33. Some of the non-steak entrees are slightly cheaper, but even the cheapest of those was $19.75 (the whitefish, which is what I ordered) and it’s not even remotely close to as good as the steak.

So, dear friends, if you ever decide to go, be prepared to shell out a hell of a lot of cash. Because it’s not worth eating the cheap stuff. No. Eat the steak. The steak is INCREDIBLE. Cooked to perfection, impeccably seasoned, and so tender that you will never ever want to swallow the piece you are chewing. It will just melt away in your mouth.

Oh, but did I mention the pie?

If you are a poor broke soul, like many of us are, just go for a drink and pie. PLEASE EAT THE PIE. It is the best pie. And it comes with ice cream!! I love ice cream!!!

No, seriously. Go eat the pie.


NEXT TIME on Christina’s Endless Quest for Food: BACON. No I’m serious this time. I’m about to cook dinner, and there is bacon involved. Yessssssss…

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