When someone offers you 40 year old bourbon, you do not say no.

This happened to me just two weeks ago. Hanging out on the Jersey shore (yes, it’s as bad as it sounds), we were finishing up our beach frisbee games and wandering back to the hotel. Suddenly, a bunch of old dudes under a sun tent said “Hey, want some 40 year old whiskey?”

Well, duh. We obliged. More than once. Apparently the guy who owned it didn’t appreciate whiskey (GASP!). So we partook. Wild Turkey, aged 40 years. And hot damn, it was amazing.


In other news, I went to a place called Hot Doug’s last week. Twice, in fact. Because it was that good. Oh yeah.

It’s one of those places that has a ton of hype, supposedly “the best hot dogs in Chicago.” Well, I figured I was leaving Chicago soon, so I might as well try it. OHMIGOD. Waiting two hours for a hot dog is a bit outrageous, I grant you that one. And I probably wouldn’t wait that long again. But go early on a weekday, there is hardly any wait at all. And it’s SO DELICIOUS.

First of all, I am a Chicago-style hot dog person. I like it with all the crazy fixings, the relish, the tomato, the pickle ON THE HOTDOG. No ketchup, only mustard. And Hot Doug’s knows how to make a damn good Chicago-style dog.

But this isn’t just your average hot dog spot. Oh no. They have sausages of every variety, with incredible sauces and cheeses and everything you could imagine. For example: Mushroom and Swiss Cheese Pork Sausage with Blue Cheese Dijonnaise and Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms sauteed in Duck Fat.


It’s real. And it’s delicious. They have venison, duck, buffalo, Swedish potato sausage (I still don’t know what this is, but it’s really good). Dogs named after famous people. A Mountain Man Sausage. It’s endless. ENDLESS I TELL YOU.

So, if you are a Chicagoan and have not been here, I highly recommend it. Please go on a weekday morning, it’s basically a zero wait. Perfect.

And if you’re visiting Chicago, this is one of those things that no one will tell you about. It’s very far from downtown, not easy to access, but ABSOLUTELY worth the visit. You are not going to find a place like this just anywhere.


Finally, this is my last post from Chicago! There will be one more Chicago-related post later on (my fave cocktail spots). But for now, I am off to land of Seattle!

For all of you Chicago pals, don’t stop reading! I will still post new recipes and other such fun things. And hey, maybe you’ll come visit Seattle one day and I can take you out 🙂

In the meantime, READ MY TRAVEL BLOG! We’re road tripping from Chicago to Seattle, so expect some hilarity and wild stories. Check it out here: http://thelaststoplightoni90.tumblr.com/

Much love to all my Chicago friends. West Coast, here I come.

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