All the beer is never enough.

Since my blog relapse, I realize I have only written about beer. If you have a problem with this, well, that sucks.

On to the point of this post:

This past Saturday, I got drunk. Indeed! It was a lovely occasion.

To be more specific, I drank a lot of beer at an Oktoberfest event. ‘Tis the season! Pretty sure Oktoberfest is better than Christmas. (Ok, maybe not. I might be a little drunk.)

The point of all of this is that when you have the opportunity to try all sorts of different beers, you should never turn it down. Seattle is an amazing place to be for beer. It’s funny, because for the longest time I was convinced that leaving the Midwest would mean less awesome beer, but that’s not true. It’s just different here. I mean, we got the NORTHWEST HOPS. And that’s a big deal. I mean, ask anyone.

(Don’t ask anyone. Just start reading the labels. It’s everywhere. I don’t even know what the difference is between Northwest hops and any other hops, but it must be important. Also, I like the word HOPS.)

I tried 8 different beers on Saturday. Now don’t be alarmed, they weren’t full-size beers or anything. In fact, they were pretty damn tiny. But when you’re seeking out the 8% ABV stuff, it doesn’t take long before you get a bit loopy.

First thing I did was to stand in line for like 15 minutes for some Pumpkin Ale that was supposed to be great. But of course the tap blew out right as I handed the guy my glass, so instead of waiting longer I just took the Organic Free Range Red. (<– Yes, I live in Seattle.)

That needs no comment, so moving on: Next up was Lazy Boy Brewing, where I tried the Oktoberfest. I love how there is an entire style of beer named after the festival. What does that even mean??? (According to Wikipedia, only very specific styles of beer brewed in Munich can be designated Oktoberfest beer. So apparently I was drinking an imposter.)

After that I had a lovely Scotch Ale from American Brewing Company, followed by Kona Brewing Company’s Pipeline Porter. The Scotch ale was actually quite lovely, while the porter was only so-so.  In order to keep with the spirit of the event, we swung by the German tent and tried the Hofbräu Dunkel, which (to be fair) was really quite delicious. Those Germans are pretty good at beer.

3 beers to go, and it was time to pull out the big guns. First was Sound Brewery’s Humulo Nimbus, a serious IPA that packs an 8.5% ABV punch. That was probably the first one I tried that I truly enjoyed. I am a huge IPA fan, but when you find one that’s super strong yet not too bitter, it’s a pretty impressive thing. Well done, Sound Brewing.

Next up was Alaskan Brewing’s Baltic Porter. The line was ridiculously long for this one, which was no surprise considering it was 9.8% ABV. It was also part of their Limited Pilot Series, which was intriguing but also concerning. I was sure that it wouldn’t be as good as the long line led me to believe. I kept watching people take their first sip and put on a lemon-face. Fortunately I convinced myself that they just didn’t know how to handle a real porter, and I was right.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Hold on a second. I need to relive that beer just for a moment. Hearty, smooth, malty, sweet…drooool.

I won’t lie, I am pretty sad that I may not see that beer again. Fingers crossed that they realize how freaking delicious it is and they decide to bottle it.

One drink token left, so we headed over to Mad River Brewing for their Steelhead Double IPA. 8.6 ABV. Man, I’m such a winner. (Also, not gonna lie, I don’t really remember that one. Partly because the Baltic Porter was just too good to follow, and partly because I was pretty damn drunk at that point.)

After that, my friend’s mom drove me home (WIN!) and I took a nap.

And so is the tale of September 22, 2012, a day that will always be forgotten as the day I will only sort of remember.

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