Drink #9: Jubelale!

Ah, Christmas beer. There’s really nothing like it. I used to think it was weird to desire a cold beverage on a cold day. But after living in Chicago for years, I now understand. In the winter, after walking home from class or work, there is really nothing better than cracking open a dark, hearty winter ale to soothe the soul.

I picked Deschutes “Jubelale” because it happens to be one I really enjoy. Honestly, it is probably not my all time favorite Christmas beer, but it certainly does the job. And I wanted to pick something specific instead of just saying “Christmas beer” because, frankly, some of them suck.


Jubelale, however, does not suck. It is in fact quite delicious. Great for happy hour, or an after-dinner beer. Or whenever, really.

To be fair to those other Christmas beers out there, here are a few of my other top choices: Full Sail “Session Fest”, Pyramid “Snow Cap”, Alaskan “Winter”, and Schlossbrauerei “Au-Hallertau” (I couldn’t remember the name of this one…guess why.)

Unfortunately for all you non-Seattlites, you probably can’t get Jubelale where you live. But pick up another Christmas beer and kick back, because it’s cold outside and beer is delicious.

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