Drink #5: Scotch

[Post from December 20, 2012]

Alright, alright. Let’s be fair. Except for a few outliers (Manhattan, Cabernet Sauvignon), I’ve stuck to the holiday repertoire pretty well. I know scotch doesn’t really fit in that repertoire, but hear me out.

I will drink scotch pretty much anytime of the year, sure. But for me, it has a relationship to Christmas because of my dad. My dad is a scotch drinker. Oh yes. And he, unlike me, has disposable income. As does my mother. And my mother often buys him fancy scotch for Christmas. And then my dad drinks scotch at Christmas.

For years that meant nothing to me, because I was too young to understand/drink. And even when I did drink, it took me some time to develop a taste for scotch. After sips here and there from my dad’s glass, I started to learn and to understand. And I rapidly developed a habit that I 100% cannot afford. But I don’t give a damn, because I love scotch.

Last Christmas, my dad (who was very low on scotch) received 3 very nice bottles of scotch from my mom. So what did we do on Christmas evening? We did a scotch tasting. IT WAS GLORIOUS.

So no, scotch isn’t a “holiday drink” per se. But it does have a special holiday meaning for me. And let’s be real, that’s what is truly important at the holidays. Right?

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