Drink #4: Eggnog

Obviously it would be an issue if this weren’t on my list. Eggnog is pretty much the epitome of holiday beverages. A lot of people hate eggnog. Which is too bad. Because I honestly can’t think of another drink that is more “holiday-appropriate” and completely inappropriate at all other times of year.

So here’s the deal with eggnog. Growing up, I thought eggnog came in a carton, you could buy it at the grocery store, and it was non-alcoholic. My dad used to buy it and spike it with Kahlua, and we would drink eggnog after Christmas dinner and it was wonderful. (In fact, at age 12, I decided it was so wonderful that I left eggnog-with-kahlua out for Santa Claus instead of milk. That was the age when I discovered “Santa” was my mom, and she would rather I leave out something interesting to drink because she hates milk. My life changed at that point.)

ANYWAY. The point is, eggnog is actually an alcoholic beverage. Not sure how and when it became commercialized, but I don’t really give a shit. All I know is that I can buy “virgin” eggnog at the store and put it in my coffee from Thanksgiving to New Years. And I can drink it for funzies if I want.

I also know that I now have at least one friend who makes really good real eggnog (i.e. that drink with eggs, cream, and liquor), and it is amazing. Like, whoa. Delicious. Chris, super props to you. Because if I didn’t have to drive home I’d probably still be drinking that delicious stuff from our work holiday party last night.

So there you have it. Photos are unnecessary. Because if you don’t know how awesome eggnog is, then this post is pretty much pointless to you.

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