Drink #3: Spiced Cider

[Post from Saturday, December 22]

Ah, spiced cider. Yet another classic holiday beverage. It’s weird, because like eggnog this comes in 2 forms (alcoholic and non). And I’m actually partial to the non-alcoholic version in this case (GASP!).

The first time I had spiced cider, I was probably 5 or 6 years old. And it was SO DELICIOUS. It’s like apple juice, but tastier, and with spices, and warm! And sometimes they put a cinnamon stick in it! The flavor is exactly what you would want in some sort of spiced beverage, and it makes you feel all warm and comfy inside.

And so why, you may ask, wouldn’t I want to feel even warmer inside by adding some rum or whisky? Here’s why: cider is very thin and mild, so (unlike juices and such) you can actually taste the alcohol in it. In some cases, that’s a good thing. In this case, when you’ve grown up with cider tasting a certain way and making you feel a certain way, it just ruins the experience to have a whisky aftertaste.

So if you’re not like me, spike that cider! But if you are, keep it classy (and sober). You won’t regret it.


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