Drink #2: Bourbon County Stout

Most of you have never had this beer. And most likely, unless you happen to be in Chicago at just the right time, you never will have this beer. Sucks to be you.

Those of you Chicagoans who have tasted this glorious beauty, AM I RIGHT?? I think I am right.

Goose Island Brewing in Chicago releases this beer once a year, usually in late November. The first release disappears very quickly, but Goose Island is smart and continues to stagger the limited release beer until February. So if you’re savvy, you’ll wait until mid-late December and snag a bottle then.

And then you drink it.

And then you die a little bit inside. But only because nothing else will ever live up.

It’s like coffee and chocolate and bourbon, all rolled up into a single dark, syrupy, rich beverage. And at 15% ABV, you’ll feel sooooo goooooood afterwards.

A 750ml bottle split 4 ways is about the perfect way to drink this. Or if you are willing to spend a good hour on it, you can drink a 12oz bottle yourself (I have done this, it is wonderful). But do not, under ANY circumstances, attempt to drink an entire 750ml bottle alone. The first reason is that it’s stronger than wine, so you’ll be drunk as shit. The second is that it is just so rich that about halfway through you’ll hate the beer and hate yourself, but mostly you’ll hate the beer and it will be very sad. Don’t hate the beer, please.

I have been waiting for 2 years now to get this beer out in Seattle, but to no avail. They were supposed to send it out here in December, but it didn’t happen. I might have to make it back to Chicago sometime soon…


5 thoughts on “Drink #2: Bourbon County Stout

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