New Year, New Beer!

Gosh, how is it mid-January already?? I feel like the new year just started and I’m already losing track of it.

Well, anyway. HAPPY 2013! It’s a new year, which means lots of breweries are going to be doing cool new things. This is great, because then I get to drink so many new beers! Man, how I love to drink beer.

I also have a few beer-related resolutions for this year. The first is to go to at least one beer event each month. So far I’ve failed January, but hey, there’s still time! February brings multiple beer events, so hopefully I can catch up a bit.

My second resolution is to brew some beer. Yes. Make my own. Because obviously that is a good idea.

And my third beer-related resolution is to be more adventurous with my beer-drinking. I know that sounds really dumb, but I feel like I tend to stick to what I know, especially when I go to a bar. When I’m buying single bottles for $2 or less, I’m a bit more willing to try new things. But a pint that costs $5-$7? I am always hesitant to be adventurous. And so, no more! I will try all of the things. New and old.

My last resolution is to go to more bars. Beer bars, cocktail bars, wine bars, bar bars. All of the bars! I need to explore Seattle more, and now I have a killer camera, so I can share my adventures with all of you.

And so, here’s to 2013! (Perhaps a bit late for a toast, but I’m doing it anyway.)


Next time, on Christina’s Beer Adventures, I tell you all about THIS PLACE:


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