Belgianfest 2013 (i.e. let’s get sloshed at 3pm)

I promised I would write about this, and so I shall. BELGIANFEST. Dear god. What an afternoon. (I say this in the most positive way possible. I will also warn you that I got incredibly drunk, so I neither have pictures nor am I certain any of this actually happened.)

Belgianfest, as the name probably suggests, is a Belgian-style beer festival. Emphasis on “style” there, because all of the breweries are from the Pacific Northwest. So there wasn’t any actual Belgian beer.


The thing I love about this whole “style” business is that, as an American brewery, you can take whatever ingredients/aspects are necessary to that style and use them as you’re supposed to, but then you can do all kinds of other crazy shit!

For example, there was this one beer aged in Cabernet barrels?? I couldn’t figure out if it was wine or beer. And then there was this sour one with elderberries in it. I mean, maybe you can find this stuff in Belgium, but I’m perfectly happy to stay at home and drink it here. Because, as I mentioned previously, it’s freaking DELICIOUS. (Best beer of the day was a bourbon barrel-aged beer, which is no surprise given that my favorite beer in the world is this one.)

In addition to drinking, there was a lot of interesting people-watching that happened. We got accosted (multiple times, in fact) by an enormous (like, at least 6’6″) beer enthusiast, who at the end of the tasting session slurred heavily in our direction that “I’ll buy you drinks if that beer over there isn’t the best one here. Call me a liar.” (Side note: his also-enormous girlfriend also commented on the colors of my shirt waaaaay too enthusiastically.)

And then there was the PRETZEL SWEATER:

pretzel shirt

I have yet to decide if this is completely ridiculous or completely INGENIOUS. Like, I’m sure she was never hungry. And we were drinking 45 ounces of 8%+ abv beers. So I guess it’s sort of brilliant, in a totally weird way.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’d do it again. I think I might need to get there earlier next time, as I was unable to finish my 10 tasters before they shoved us out the door. But to be fair, I was really drunk at 4pm so I probably didn’t need to drink any more anyway.

Ah, day drinking. Livin’ the life.


[Next time, on Christina’s drinking adventures: FREE WINE TASTINGS???]

One thought on “Belgianfest 2013 (i.e. let’s get sloshed at 3pm)

  1. I’ve done that so many times….ahahahah! We have a huge Winter ale festival in the UK, and with it being Winter Ales, there’s barley wines, stouts, etc….all really strong and usually means we’re way too drunk a couple of hours after starting!

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