German beer, bocce ball, and a lot of bros in flannel

[Fair warning, by the time I finished writing this I could hardly see straight. I really wish there were a word for “drunk blogging” but I have yet to find a combination that sounds good. “Drblogging” sounds like you’re vomiting on yourself.]


Friday night I went to this place:


And it was AWESOME.

So I’m a little bit of a hipster, I think. What I mean by that is this: I am perfectly happy to spend an entire evening in a small, specific bar (i.e. cocktails, or craft beer, or whatever) where everyone is clearly there to do the exact same thing I am there to do (i.e. chill with friends and enjoy the cocktails, craft beer, or whatever).

So in general, Seattle is pretty much right up my alley.

But Von Trapp’s. OH MAN. It’s the least “Seattle” of any bar I’ve been to in Seattle, and I LOVE it. It’s also the most “Chicago” place I’ve seen since I moved from Chicago. Maybe that’s the real reason I love it.


So before I continue, I must tell this brief story. Once upon a time, my old college roommate used the word “broster” to define a new class of human that was emerging upon the Chicago scene. You know, they’re bros. But they’re also hipsters. They’re kind of smart, but they’re really into sports, but they’re also into flannel, and they are sort of cool and not totally douche-y. Yeah. Brosters.


(Also bimbos. That part was weird.)

But they have bocce ball!


And they also have bratwurst and pretzels. And wonderful Bavarian landscape paintings on the walls. And chandeliers. And 3 bars. And 2 balconies. And OHMIGOD THE PLACE IS HUGE.


Ok, so I’m a little all over the place. But seriously, this bar was the coolest. I spent a good 4 hours there with my friend India just people-watching. We witnessed some incredible things. I chatted briefly with a GIGANTIC man (he must have been a football player at some point in his life) wearing a GIGANTIC flannel shirt and flat-brimmed hat. I was confused. And enthralled.

We also watched 3 bimbos and 3 rather unattractive guys play bocce against each other. So that was weird.

Oh, and we met this guy who, apparently, is a “big deal” in the New York bocce scene. India impressed him with her complete unabashed self-assuredness by telling him she was, in fact, better than “all of these people” at bocce too.



They have German beer on tap (also Belgian and local brews). You can get beers in 5 different sizes: 2 oz taster, 12 oz, 20 oz, 1/2 L, and LITER. Yeah. For real. They have those giant liter-sized steins. IT’S INSANE.

Basically I’ve already determined that I have to go back many times over, because I have this stupid and ridiculous desire to try and figure out the demographic. Oh, also because I want to drink more of the delicious German beer. And eat the pretzels. And the brats. HOLY COW.

Ok, time to wrap it up cuz I’m drunk and can’t really keep it together. (It took me 4 tries to write that sentence just then.) But yes, Von Trapp’s is cool. You should go there. It’s like that bar that anyone can go to and feel comfortable. It’s so big and has such a varied demographic, you’re bound to enjoy yourself in one way or another.

Also there’s drinking, so you’re bound to enjoy yourself, period.


[Next time, on Christina’s baking adventures: I successfully made bread! But that’s boring so we probably won’t talk about it much.]

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