Who needs measuring cups when you have whiskey?

So this isn’t something I’ve ever done before. But I have friends who blog, and a lot of them do a sort of “best of” or “random thoughts” end-of-the-week post, or something along those lines. So I’m going to try that. Because I’m thinking in bullet points right now.

So, hey y’all. It’s Tuesday. Tuesdays are pretty lame. And I don’t have a full post in me right now. So here’s my bullet-point-random-shit-post for the week. (Also I might be tipsy. That might be part of the reason for my fragmented thinking at the moment.)

-Baking cookies is a perfect excuse for making hot toddies. Don’t believe me? Try it. You’ll understand.

–Measuring cups are for losers. (I’m totally lying.) But SPICE YOUR SHIT. Don’t be a wimp. Be experimental! I did that last night and made some amazing vegan cookies. YEAH. VEGAN. WHAT???

—Go back to bars that you think are awesome. I went to Von Trapp’s again tonight. I still love it. Even on weeknights.

—-Tonight I attempted to make spaetzle for the first time. I think it worked? I don’t know, I’m saving it for a meal for tomorrow. So hopefully when I fry it up in butter (YUMMM…) it will taste ok. If you have thoughts on spaetzle, please share them with me.

—–I just made myself a severely mediocre Manhattan. I’m very sad. DON’T REPEAT MY MISTAKE. You can’t eyeball this kind of drink. This isn’t baking. MEASURE YOUR SHIT.

Apparently I’m very much in an oxymoronic mood. Don’t measure shit, but seriously, measure shit. Yeah, it’s that kind of Tuesday.

Tuesdays are lame.

I could never get the hang of Tuesdays.

(IF YOU GET THE REFERENCE YOU ARE AWESOME.) – (and yes, I know it’s the wrong day of the week, it’s a REFERENCE damnit.)

Yeah, that’s all I got. Sorry for the lame post. Shit happens, you know?

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