Traveling is hard.

Generally I don’t believe that traveling is hard. I really like traveling.

But traveling totally sucks when you end up in Stockton (i.e. bumfuck-nowhere, California). Because there’s no decent goddamn food!

I have championed this before and I will do it again: when you travel, EAT LOCAL. That’s really the only thing you can do if you want to a) enjoy your meals, and b) respect yourself.

But, um, Stockton? Not sure there’s such a thing as “local” food in Stockton. Except for the local Mexican place where I had dinner on Saturday (which, really, wasn’t all that amazing), the highest ranked places on Yelp were Olive Garden and Arby’s.

(I’m exaggerating a little, but not really.)

Basically, the meal situation was dire. And that’s never a good thing.

FORTUNATELY, the weekend was saved by breakfast on the very last day. I ended up in San Lorenzo, which is apparently the place to be for local food. I ate some local crepes. (By that I mean, I ate at a local cafe/restaurant which served crepes.)


Also they looked pretty, see:

crepes(That sauce on top? Yeah, that’s pesto. YUM.)

The point is, Yelp is awesome.

No, the real point is, EAT LOCAL.

But seriously, the point is, mom-and-pop eateries are the coolest.

(Real talk: I might not actually have a point.)

REGARDLESS. You should probably find some place that serves crepes. Because I have eaten crepes twice in the last 10 days and both experiences have been wonderful. I should probably learn to make them so I can eat them all the time. They’re like sandwich-pancakes!! You can put anything in them, just like a sandwich. But…they’re pancakes!

I think it’s magical.

I don’t really have any good way to wrap this up, so here’s a really dramatic picture I took of a head of garlic:


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