Writing about beers and bars in beer bars

Welp, it’s been a while. Before I start getting excited about what I’m doing right at this very moment (hint: I am doing something awesome), I feel I should give you a brief recap of all of the wonderful food & drink things I have accomplished over the past 6 weeks. And yes, these are definitely accomplishments.

1. Brunch at Oddfellows Cafe + Bar – It’s decorated with Civil War era relics and kind of feels like an upscale General Store. Also, the French toast is like two inches thick:



2. I spent a lovely afternoon in Savannah, Georgia (where you are allowed to drink beer on the STREET while you walk around!!). So yeah, I enjoyed the lovely scenery, drank a lot of beer, and ate enough buttery Southern food to cause 4 heart attacks.



3. I ate some amazing pizza in DC at my favorite pizza place of all time. (Their URL is eatyourpizza.com. How could you not love that?)



4. I enjoyed an INCREDIBLE meal at a restaurant called Pintxo in Belltown (Seattle). It’s tapas-style small plates, but they’re really all over the map (not just Spanish food). Absolutely delicious, one of the better restaurant meals I’ve had in a long time. (Sorry, no photos. I was too focused on eating. Also I was drunk. They make excellent cocktails too!)

5. I discovered my new neighborhood hangout.

Which leads me to the whole point of this post. Currently, I am sitting in a bar. It’s around the corner from my apartment (like seriously, maybe a 90 second walk). It is a beer bar with constantly-rotating taps of delicious local brews. It is casual and cozy, and they have pretty decent pizza (and other foods). And, most importantly, they have wifi.

That probably sounds really silly, but when you live alone in a studio apartment, there is really nothing better than finding a place you can go and write (i.e. still be “alone”) while also being around other people. I feel comfortable and oddly social, despite the fact that I’m sitting by myself and drinking beer.

Um, also, some guy just started playing live music. LIVE MUSIC. Seriously, this is perfect.

Oh, did I mention it’s a Brewer’s Night too? Yeah, so the head brewer from Elysian Brewing (probably the most interesting/innovative brewery in Seattle) is here, and they have a bunch of his beers on tap, and he’s just socializing. Cuz he can. (Also he’s awesome. I have met him before.)

Currently I’m drinking a rather delicious Golden Bock, which I’m getting through far faster than I probably should (I haven’t been drinking much lately…stupid springtime flu). And next, I plan to tackle one of Elysian’s famed IPAs. Pretty sure their intent is to subtly and rapidly get you drunk. Yesss…

It’s funny, because Hopvine Pub is one of those Seattle spots that everyone knows about. It’s that place that a lot of people claim is their “favorite” Seattle bar. And yet I have never, ever felt that this is anything but a neighborhood bar. Even on a busy evening, it feels like everyone is at home in this place. There’s no such thing as an outsider at Hopvine.

The downside of living around the corner is that I will probably come here more than I should.

The upside: I might actually get to be a regular at the bar where “everyone is a regular.” And I like that.

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