My good friend Anna Rae kindly reminded me that I made an egregious omission in my previous post when I was recapping my last 6 weeks.

She was right.

How could I forget about GRILLED CHEESE??

About a week ago, Anna Rae and I sought out the Cheese Wizards. Yes, that is what they are called. They are wizards of cheese (so says their URL), and they serve up amazing grilled cheese sandwiches to patrons all across the city!!

Ah, the magic of food trucks.


I chose the Voldemort-adella (HA!), and it was absolutely delicious. Gouda and mortadella grilled to perfection, and served with a side of Merlin’s Sweet Mustard dipping sauce. Yummm. Other options include the Critical Hit (featuring brie and pear chutney), the spicy Durin’s Bane (featuring firey aioli, jalapenos, and spicy capicola with Tillamook cheddar), and of course, your standard cheddar grilled cheese. The old classic.

Oh, did I mention that this food truck happened to be parked outside Reuben’s Brews when we went there? So you order your sandwich outside at the food truck, and then you go inside to the tasting room and order a beer, and they bring your freshly grilled sandwich inside to you! Holy crap!

Cheese trucks aside, Reuben’s Brews is a pretty awesome spot. I love tasting rooms that are just that: tasting rooms. No frills, just a few tables, a bunch of beer taps, and plenty of sipping enjoyment. I only got to try one of their beers that day, but I intend to go back. They have a ton of rye ales, which you don’t see often and I’m pretty excited to check out.

So, in sum, GRILLED CHEESE. From a TRUCK! And BEER. It’s a beautiful thing.

(Special thanks to Anna Rae for reminding me that I am forgetful.)


Next time: I’M GOING TO PORTLAND. No, seriously. In like 2 hours. UPDATES TO COME!

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