Gosh, it’s been almost a month since I was in Amsterdam and I have yet to tell you all about it. I’M SORRY. 😦

Last time I posted, I had been so busy working that I didn’t have time to update you all (or do anything fun, really). This time, I’ve been so busy drinking that I haven’t had time to write about it! (HAHA my life is awesome.)

But seriously, time for some real talk.

Amsterdam is amazing.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. I don’t smoke. (I also don’t judge, I’m just not into it personally.) So when I say “Amsterdam is amazing,” I truly mean that the city is amazing. It’s beautiful, the people are super friendly, and they have some pretty awesome bars. NBD.

I was working pretty much the entire time I was in Amsterdam, so I didn’t get a ton of time to see the sights and drink the beers. I did drink a good bit of Heineken and Bavaria (SO much better over there than in the US…like, it’s actually good beer…and strong as hell). And I got to experience a really amazing beer bar, as well as an incredible Dutch restaurant.

Proeflokaal Arendsnest (meaning “The Eagle’s Nest Bar”) is a beer bar specializing in local microbrews. Europe isn’t nearly as into the microwbrew scene as the US, but there are some out there and they are really good. I ended up trying 3 or 4 different beers at this place and thoroughly enjoyed every single one. From the IPA to the German Dark Ale to the I-don’t-remember-what-the-last-one-was, they were all absolutely incredible. In some cases better than similar beers I’ve had here. They would definitely stand up to the Seattle beer scene, and that’s saying a lot.


The second amazing part of my Amsterdam adventures was Moeders (or “Mothers”), a Dutch restaurant. I knew absolutely nothing about Dutch food before I entered the place, but I’ve basically decided I love it. This restaurant was INCREDIBLE.

credit to Mark Earley for this photo :)

credit to Mark Earley for this photo 🙂

First of all, none of the tables/tablecloths/plates/cutlery matches, which is just adorable and endearing. Second of all, the walls are completely covered with photos of patrons’ mothers. Yes, just photos of moms. How awesome is that?

And then, of course, there was the food. They had a good variety of Dutch dishes on the menu, including the famous Hotchpotch, which is basically potatoes with some sort of sauce/gravy and some sort of meat. It really is a hotchpotch of food, and it is delicious.

I, however, opted for the pheasant. It’s been a life goal of mine to eat pheasant (yeah, I’m weird), so I did it and it was AMAZING. Duck is basically my favorite fowl, and possibly one of my favorite foods altogether, but this pheasant was like duck on CRACK. (You know, the good kind.) I don’t know how else to describe it.

Also, I drank some more Heineken.

So yeah, basically shit was awesome. To be honest, the best part of my trip was the part where I was at the tournament where I worked all week, but most of that is completely unrelated to food and beer (except for all of the beer I drank…i.e. all of it) and more related to partying. A story for a different time, my friends…


[Next time on drunk adventures…COPENHAGEN! Holy shit.]

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