Karl and Christina continue to dominate Denmark [Part 2]

…and so our journey continued.

Karl and I woke up Wednesday morning still pretty exhausted from our 10+ miles of walking the day before, but we determined that we needed to power through.

So we started the day in the best way possible: by scoping out breakfast.

We settled on porridge.

Because it’s 1893.

And that’s what we eat.

No, but in all seriousness, we did eat porridge for breakfast. There was this place that I read about. Apparently porridge is a thing in Denmark. I really have no idea, all I know is that we ate porridge at a wooden table on the sidewalk on a small side street near a park and it was quite nice.

Also, this was around the corner:


So that was cool.

Our trip continued back towards downtown (holy shit, so much more walking), where we wandered through the Rosenborg Palace Gardens and saw the Rosenborg Palace. It was pretty cool, but we refused to pay the entry fee so had to admire from the outside only.



Also the gardens were nice. But I didn’t take photos of the gardens because I hate taking photos of flowers unless they are extremely dramatic close-ups. And that’s really for my own entertainment and not for the pleasure of others. SORRY.

After this we continued to walk to the furthest reaches of the city (i.e. to the shoreline) where the stupidest tourist attraction in history lives. The Little Mermaid statue is possibly the biggest waste of time any time-waster has ever experienced. It’s like going to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa only to discover it has 12 feet of bullet-proof glass in front of it, is barely a foot tall, and is perpetually surrounded by tourists with cameras. (So basically, the Little Mermaid is as big of a trap as the Mona Lisa. Except for the fact that the Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintings in all of history, and the Little Mermaid statue is simply a chunk of metal.)


(FYI, those are all random people in that photograph. I didn’t want to even try and get closer to the stupid thing than I already was.)

We finally decided it was lunchtime. After failed attempts to find ice cream, we sat down at a random Italian restaurant and stuffed our faces. I didn’t even care what I was eating at that point. WE WERE STARVING.

Post-lunch we wandered around the streets for a bit looking for a nice spot to grab a beer. It turned out that most of the bars in that part of town weren’t open until 4 or 5pm (WHAT?), so we grabbed a drink at a little pop-up spot in the middle of a square and people-watched for a bit.

But before that, we saw THIS:






Holy shit. It was incredible. He was so fluffy! And awesome! His owner was just idling along and letting people pet the rabbit. I think Mr. Rabbit-dude owned one of the bars surrounding the square, but I can’t be sure. He could have just been a weird dude with a giant rabbit. WHATEVER.

We then needed a break, so we headed back to the hostel where I did some work (lame) and Karl took a nap. We then decided, around 6pm, that it was really time to start drinking. And so we found the COOLEST beer bar ever.


Nørrebro Bryghus (Norrebro (name of the neighborhood) Brewpub) was SO COOL. It’s a local brewery (restaurant upstairs, bar downstairs) that specializes in American-style beers. We each had one beer and then decided we should probably eat some food before returning and continuing to drink all of the beer.


Before heading to the brewpub I asked the girl at the hostel front desk what she recommended for dinner. She said if we were trying to not spend too much money it was going to be difficult to find good, authentic Danish food. So she suggested a burger place.

“I know you’re American, so maybe that’s not what you want while you’re here. But it’s my FAVORITE restaurant in the city.”

Well, we took her word for it and she did not disappoint.

Halifax Burger Restaurant is actually a chain across Europe (and in Japan??) that features the largest burgers I have ever seen outside of Kuma’s corner in Chicago. They are so large, in fact, that you need to eat them with a fork and knife. At first, Karl scoffed at the idea. But then the burgers appeared in front of us and it was mildly alarming.

Honestly, I wish I had photos. These things were MONSTERS. But delicious monsters. The best part about the place is that every burger is a “specialty” burger that already comes with certain toppings, and then they ask you to choose your bun, choose your side dish, choose your sauce, and then choose MORE TOPPINGS. What?!?

It. Was. Awesome.

After filling ourselves to the brim, it was time for more beer. Generally I’m all about finding new places and trying new things, but we just HAD to go back to Nørrebro Bryghus.

So we did.

And we drank lots more beer.

I wish I could remember everything I had. I know I had some pale ale type beer, and then a malty Belgian style, and then THE BEST VANILLA STOUT IN HISTORY.

I actually still dream about this vanilla stout. Like, often. I don’t know if I will ever taste something so incredible again. It was over 10% abv and I nearly ordered 2 of them because it was so good. But I was drunk and we had to get up at the ass-crack of dawn to fly back to the good ‘ol USA, so I decided to restrain myself.

(That may have been the hardest thing I have never done.)


And so, dear friends, that is how Karl and I conquered Denmark. We did it with true American values, fantastic drinking skills, and extreme friendliness. Well done, America.


And of course, as promised, the full photo album from our Copenhagen travels!


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