Malaysian Meals, Montana, and Moscow Mules

Ok, so I have to start by saying that there is really nothing more satisfying as a blogger than alliteration in the title. Like, I am so proud of myself right now. Also it contains the names of three places that are completely unrelated, so you’re probably confused. Iamsoawesome.

Ok, I’ll stop bragging about my title. Sorry.

So what do these three places have in common, you may ask? Well, nothing. But on Saturday night I happened to eat Malaysian food at a bar called Montana, which specializes in Moscow Mules. How fun!

First, food. [For those simply interested in the booze, skip ahead! I swear it’s worth it.]

Kedai Makan in Capitol Hill (Seattle) is my new favorite spot to eat. I say “my favorite” way too much in life, but this time I’m serious. (Keep in mind that this is my new favorite, which means I might have a new new favorite very soon…but for now I’m not lying.)


The street-food spot is simply a window, which from an “authenticity” standpoint is kind of cool. (I really hate that word, but given that it’s street food it makes sense that you would eat it on the street. Or in my case, at a bar…)

ANYWAY. The food is absolutely scrumptious. There are only about 8 items on the menu, which include a few regular options and a few rotating ones. I’ve now tried the stir-fried noodles (they give you instructions on how to eat them!) and the fried rice. THE FRIED RICE IS AMAZING. It’s got a great kick to it, and is topped with a perfect over-easy egg. Like so:


Remember that time I talked about drooling for like 4 posts in a row on my blog? Well, we might be on a run again here. Because…DROOL.

Here’s a picture of the pork ribs:


I’m having a mouthgasm just looking at them.

Sorry I’m gross.

Not really sorry, JUST LOOK AT THAT PORK.

Ok I’ll stop now.


I must preface this next part by saying that I cannot believe I haven’t written about Montana on this blog yet. This bar is pretty much the shit. I go there all the time. Chances are I get too drunk to properly absorb the experience, leading to the terrible oversight here on my interwebs-log. BUT NOW THE TIME HAS COME.


It’s not just a state. It’s a bar! (This might be a true statement in more than one way…but I wouldn’t want to offend anyone. Although the one guy I know from Montana would probably take this as a huge compliment.)

This bar is really cool for a variety of reasons, but I will list just three of them here:

  1. They don’t just allow, but encourage you to bring your Malaysian food inside to eat.
  2. They have cocktails on draft.
  3. Um…cocktails on draft???

Yeah. So there’s that.

The Moscow Mule (on draft!!!!) is really delicious. I know it sounds weird, and it sounds especially weird to me since I’m such a cocktail snob. But this stuff is really quite good.

Also they make their own ginger beer. Those Montana hippies.

I also highly recommend the Gimlet on draft. If you’ve never had a gimlet, well, it’s good here. You should try it.



For those who don’t know, a pickleback is god’s gift to drinking.

First, you take a shot of whiskey. (The only kind of shot you should ever take.)

Then immediately afterwards you take a shot of pickle juice.

And then you enjoy the warm and salty feeling in your chest and are forever happy.

If you think this sounds gross, well, you’re right. It sounds really gross. But it tastes absolutely delicious, and is actually a brilliant beverage because you get your drunk and your electrolytes in one fell swoop!

Boom, I just cured your hangover.

(Note: This is false. If you drink picklebacks all night you’ll probably have a really bad hangover.)

Right. Anyway.

In sum, I highly recommend both Kedai Makan and Montana to anyone visiting Seattle. Do them separately, do them together, it doesn’t really matter. As stand-alone entities they are both truly fantastic, and the fact that they happen to have a symbiotic relationship is just a bonus.

Just don’t drool into your cocktail.

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