So far Texas = beer, and I like that.

Ok. So I’m not a Texas-lover. (Cousins, don’t be mad! I still love you. I’m just a Northerner, I can’t help it.)

But so far, I’m feeling pretty good about Texas. Because Texas has some pretty great beer. And if you feed me good beer, you’re pretty much doing everything right when it comes to getting on my good side. (Or at least you’re on the right track.)

Today was a little bit awful in some ways. There were a lot of questions, such as:

  • Why are there so many cities in Dallas? North Dallas? Far North Dallas? Seriously?!
  • Where the fuck am I?
  • How is gas cheaper at the airport than everywhere else?
  • Is this a toll road? No. But why are there toll signs everywhere? Wait, but this must be a toll road. No, wait, it’s not.
  • Who decided to put ALL OF THE THINGS in Frisco, TX?

So yeah, it’s been an ordeal.

But then dinnertime rolled around and I went here for dinner with my coworker.

And suddenly, everything was a little bit better.

IMG_20131015_195021_364[Apologies for the shitty pictures, I forgot my real camera so had to take these on my phone. I am a failure of a blogger.]

The Holy Grail Pub is a suburban beer-bar/restaurant that actually does the word “suburban” some really big favors. I would have thought I was downtown in a major city given the quality of the food and beer this place offered.

We started with beer, and I got the Mosaic IPA from Community Brewing. This new Dallas brewery recently (i.e. last week) took home the gold in the ESB category at the Great American Beer Festival, which is a huge honor (really, it is…people talk about this shit). Unfortunately the ESB wasn’t available on tap tonight, but their IPA was probably one of the better ones I’ve had in quite some time, so props to Community.


We then ordered food, and I decided on the Brisket Melt. It’s pretty much a reuben, but instead of corned beef it featured beer-braised Texas brisket. And good lord was it delicious. Like, holy cow. Texas now has two big positives in my book: beer and beef. (Maybe that should have been obvious before I got here, but I was still skeptical. Now I’m not.)

Also, weirdly enough, I decided to get a side of green beans instead of fries and they were freaking delicious. Who would have thunk?

We decided the beer was too good to just leave, so we each ordered another. My second was called Velvet Hammer, a strong red ale from Peticolas Brewing (another Dallas brewery). I had been leaning towards a more porter-type beer, but I couldn’t resist this great name, so I went for it.


(Side note: My coworker decided that “Velvet Hammer” sounds like the name of a vibrator, and I can’t help but agree.)

It’s not a vibrator, but it is a really great beer and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately I had to drive, so continuing to drink wasn’t really in the cards. But the extensive Texas beer list was pretty incredible. I might just have to go back…


[Next time, on Christina’s Drinking Adventures: I will probably go back to Holy Grail. Also, frisbee?]

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