[Day 11] Diamond Knot Ho! Ho! Winter Ale

This is a beer that may not have landed on my list were it not for the wonderful experience I had while drinking it.

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing (Mukilteo, WA) brews many beers that I very much enjoy, and the Ho! Ho! Winter Ale is quite delicious. It’s pours pretty dark and smells like winter spices (yum!). Flavor-wise it has some maltiness to it, but is also remarkably bitter and has some toasty and nutty flavors as well. Definitely not an “easy-drinking” beer like the Red Hook, but goes down smooth.


But this beer holds a special place in my heart this holiday season for a few other reasons. The first is that I got to try it at one of my favorite bars, Beveridge Place Pub. As I mentioned a few days ago, I was doing a Christmas beer tour, and Beveridge Place was one of the bars involved. It’s such a wonderful bar, filled with couches, excellent beer, dogs, and nice people. It’s one of the most comfortable bars I’ve ever spent time in.


In addition to being one of my favorite bars, I happened to go on one of their “Brewer’s Nights,” during which they dispense numerous prizes throughout the evening. Basically, for every beer you purchase, you get a raffle ticket. Your ticket goes in a big bowl, and every hour or so they do another drawing and give away sweet prizes from the featured breweries.

Well, Diamond Knot happened to be one of the featured breweries, along with Dick’s Brewing (Centralia, WA) and Oakshire Brewing (Eugene, OR). And guess what? I won! Twice! In addition to a pint glass+coozie+sticker from Dick’s, I won this sweet Ho! Ho! t-shirt!


And so, Diamond Knot, you’ve landed yourself on my 12 Beers of Christmas list this year. Sometimes free stuff goes a long way. (Also good beer…but whatever.)

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