[Day 9] Porters!

As I mentioned in my previous post, the majority of these will be “specific” beers, but occasionally I’ll break out the broader genre.

So on that note: Porters! What a genre of beer!

If you ask me, cold weather calls for porters more than any other type of beer. They’re hearty, they’re filling, and they warm the soul in the wintertime. They are usually sweet, and really creamy. It’s like dessert in beer form!


As someone who used to not like porters, I have to say I’m now a really big fan of this type of beer. The variation is pretty extreme, which makes it really exciting every time you try a new one. Sure, sometimes it might not be exactly your cup of tea, but spontaneity is fun!

It seems silly to just talk about the style without listing some options, so here are a few porters that you should probably try (in order of how much I like them):

  • Baltic Porter – Zywiec (Zywiec, Poland)
  • Black Butte Porter – Deschutes Brewing (Portland, OR)
  • Robust Porter – Smuttynose (Portsmouth, NH)
  • Baltic Porter – Alaskan Brewing (Juneau, AK)
  • Smoked Porter – Stone Brewing (Escondido, CA)

There’s actually another one that should be at the top of that list, but then I’d be giving away tomorrow’s beer of the day! So you’ll just have to be kept in suspense for a little while longer…


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