[Day 5] Vancouver Island Brewing Hermann’s Dark Lager

Hermann! Oh, Hermann. I love you so.

A while back I mentioned this beer. I had gone to Victoria, BC and tried (just by chance) a beer that I couldn’t stop thinking about.

And so I went back and bought some more to bring home a few months later.

And then I went back again this year. And I brought back some more.

And last night, I drank my very last bottle.


Hermann’s Dark Lager (from Vancouver Island Brewing) is just what it sounds like: a dark lager. It’s surprising, however, if you haven’t had it before. The first time I tried it I had it on draught (the best way to drink beer, obviously). I thought it was going to be like Guinness, but instead it was remarkably light and easy to drink. (To be fair, I think Guinness is easy to drink, but it’s still hearty like bread. Hermann’s is like a light lager…but blacker.)

At first sniff, it smells a little like a stout. A little bitter, a bit dry. The taste, however, is rich and dark, but light enough to make you believe that it is in fact a lager. It’s also slightly malty and sweet, with a hint of bitterness in there as well. Maybe some coffee even. But most importantly, it’s so drinkable that you can have many of them without even realizing it.

Dangerous. And awesome.

And sure, it’s not really a winter beer. But it’s so wonderful to drink a dark beer during the holidays. And sure, I’d drink it year-round, but it was just too good to leave off my Christmas list.


And man, just look at that stud. How could you not love Hermann?

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