[Day 3] Double Mountain Fa La La La La Winter Ale

We’re now getting into that territory of beers that really, truly blew my mind this holiday season. This beer is truly fantastic.

I have been a fan of Double Mountain for quite some time. Based in Hood River, Oregon (a bastion of beer-making), it’s no surprise that they make some top-notch beers. Their Hop Lava IPA is one of my favorite Northwest IPAs out there. (In fact, just last night I asked the waitress at a bar what the best IPA on tap was, and without any hesitation she said Double Mountain. See?)

So, with this in mind, I bought a bottle of Double Mountain’s holiday release and decided to give it a try. And good lord, it did not disappoint.


This is one of the most unusual winter ales I’ve tried, in that it isn’t dark and heavy and sweet, which is kind of what I’m used to. Instead, it pours a beautiful light oak-brown color, is almost floral on the nose, and is bursting with hops. But underneath that hoppy exterior sits a subtle but intense malt flavor that carries through until the very end. It really is quite remarkable.

I hadn’t had Fa La La La La before, so I’m not sure if this is an annual release or not. But if is, I highly recommend you try it. And if it’s not, I’m sure whatever they come up with in 2014 will be just as delightful.

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