Superbowl XLVIII: The best beer weekend of my life

[Part 3 of the Series Where I Catch You Up on My Drinking Doings Since December.]

For many people in the US, Superbowl Sunday is a day of extreme gluttony, overindulging, and way too much cheap beer. People eat nachos and burgers, drink PBR or Budweiser in excess, and yell like savages at their television. It’s really the height of American humanity.

For me, Superbowl weekend 2014 was perhaps the most wonderful two days of beer-drinking I’ve ever experienced. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some really incredible beer-drinking days. But TWO days?! In a row?!? It’s pretty much unheard of.

I don’t remember what I did on Friday night. I think I did very little because I was preparing to drink all day on Saturday.

Which is exactly what I did.

Because on Saturday, February 1st, 2014, I had tickets to Belgianfest.


In case it wasn’t clear (or if you didn’t read the title), Belgianfest is a Belgian beer festival held in Seattle each February. The important distinction, however, is that it is a Belgian-style festival, meaning that all of the beers are actually local (woo!) and brewed in a Belgian style (double woo!)

To decipher the “woo!”s for you: Woo #1 is for local, because I love local beer. Woo #2 is for the Belgian-style brews, because they are super tasty and most of them are 8% abv or higher.

So you can probably imagine how drunk I was after ten 4oz tastings. That’s 40 ounces of ~9% abv beer. That’s like, 1.2 bottles of wine. Or 7 shots of liquor. PER PERSON.

(And yes, I did use all 10 of my tokens. So did India and Dan, my lovely partners in crime on this beautiful Saturday. We were all drunk as drunk.)

Were it not for Untappd (best. app. ever.) I would have no recollection of any of the beers I drank that day. But instead, I will list my #1 for you. (You don’t want to hear all 10. Also I don’t feel like telling you. Also I don’t remember.)

The absolute #1 best beer I had at Belgianfest this year was the Bourbon Barrel Aged 2011 La Petite Mort from Black Raven Brewing. A Belgian Strong Dark Ale ringing in at 8.8% abv, this beer was like molasses and love and joy and holding hands and warm bourbon gliding down your esophagus like silk.


After our drunken beer adventures we headed to El Borracho in Pike Place Market and inhaled some burritos in a drunken stupor. Then we managed to drunkenly take the bus home and pretty much didn’t do anything for the rest of the evening.



First, I have to say it: WE WON.

Ok, that’s all the football talk I got. Because who gives a damn about the game anyway? I was really only there for the beer.

Even before the Belgianfest adventure, Dan had decided that he wanted to host a Superbowl party and break out some of the cool and rare brews he’d been storing for a while. I decided to contribute a few special brews myself. This was all uber-convenient because I live 2 blocks away from Dan and his awesome roomies (including my awesome coworker!) so I can get drunk at their house and stumble home in just 3 minutes.

Highlights of the afternoon included:

  • The Dogfather – American Imperial Stout (Laughing Dog Brewing, ID)
  • Seattle touchdown
  • Size 11– Double IPA (Steel Toe Brewing, MN)
  • another Seattle touchdown
  • Victory At Sea – Coffee/Vanilla Imperial Porter (Ballast Point Brewing, CA)
  • like, 4 more Seattle touchdowns
  • Abrasive Ale – Imperial IPA (Surly Brewing, MN)
  • oh and then we won the game and had to go riot in the street with the rest of the young people

All in all, it was a great day. More so, it was an AMAZING weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever consumed as many fantastic beers in a single weekend as I did on February 1st & 2nd. It was beautiful and magical and, well, the Seahawks won the Superbowl so BOOYAH.


3 thoughts on “Superbowl XLVIII: The best beer weekend of my life

  1. nice account; I love to know what people do on these weekends of celebration. I’m a UK NFL fan – but we have none of the ‘event’ weekends like you guys do (superbowl kicks off for us at midnight over here so I didn’t even watch it live!)….’A weekend of extreme gluttony’ – sounds good! ps – you din’t just win – you *smashed* the Broncs!

    • Glad you enjoyed it! And I’ve heard you all get pretty into soccer (or YOUR football) over there. I’m sure you have some pretty drunk/gluttonous celebrations too on occasion, yeah?

      • Oh yes – watching football over here focuses on the drinking aspect, though, rather than the food, I’d say. I do look at your tailgate parties and superbowl parties with envy when it comes to food, If I’m being honest!

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