The Pain au Chocolat Challenge was a RAGING SUCCESS

That’s right. SUCCESS. I fucking owned the shit out of that challenge.


You want to know why I won? Because I ate 5 pains au chocolat in like, 24 hours. That might be the definition of #winning. Yeah, I’m fucking Charlie Sheen-ing this bitch.

Alright, sorry for the profanity. I’ve had too much wine. (Wine!!)

Anyway. For those of you who don’t remember, at the very end of July I embarked upon the best challenge ever challenged to any challenger ever. (This is false. Also, I created the challenge myself, and then somehow ended up doing it. I think the whole thing may have been an excuse for me to eat a lot of chocolate croissants.)

THE POINT IS. I was supposed to eat 5 pains au chocolat in one day. The catch? Each chocolate croissant had to come from a different country.

Technically, I failed, because a) France had run out of pains au chocolat so I had to “fashion my own” and b) all the bakeries were closed when we got to Switzerland at 10pm, so I had to do it the next morning.

BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER. Because it was fucking epic and I recorded it for all eternity on Instagram and, oh, you know, had a fucking CAMERA CREW following me throughout. Because, yes, I am a baller.

Need I say more?

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