Winter Is Coming (And It Tastes Like Whiskey)

[I realise I’ve only updated y’all on Part I of my 5-day Berlin birthday extravaganza. I promise to finish that story soon! Life got in the way, as per usual. I also went out and drank loads basically every night this week, which took away from writing time. And now, for some unknown reason, I am ill. It wasn’t me.]

Today I had the most amazing revelation: We are exactly 2 weeks away from December. Hallelujah!

Now don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not a crazy Christmas buff or anything. That’s not why I’m excited. The REAL reason I love December is because it is Kahlua month. Haven’t you heard??

Actually, you probably haven’t, because I made it up. But starting on December 1st, I put Kahlua in my coffee every morning for the entire month of December. (And usually on New Years Day as well, unless I’m horrifically hungover like last year.) This is a tradition that began my senior year of college, in a fit of house-cleaning and excitement during exam week. And has since continued, because I figured why the fuck not?

In addition, I now have the BEST new mug from which to consume warm alcoholic beverages, thanks to my amazing wifey:


So my brain was pretty Kahlua focused for the greater part of the morning. But fortunately for me, one drinking thought begets another, and I ALSO realised today that it’s wintertime and it’s damn cold outside and OMG HOT TODDY SEASON IS OFFICIALLY UPON US.

I actually can’t believe it took me this long to adequately prepare. I had thought of this a few weeks ago, at which point I procured lemons and honey, and then I completely forgot again.

So today, in my fit of genius, plus the fact that I have a monster head cold and hot toddies cure EVERYTHING, I bought this:


It’s fucking happening. Winter be damned.

P.S. You are all welcome at mine for hot toddies anytime. They warm the soul and cure all ills (I actually believe this, I have hot toddy’d my way out of many a head cold in my day). XO

Contemplating cocktails; or, how Christina learned her true calling.

I’ve had a breakthrough. I finally know why I’ve been neglecting my writing. I haven’t been drinking enough!

No, but in all serious, I feel most at home writing about bars and drinking. Perhaps this is a sign. (Likely a bad one.) My point is, a few days ago I started thinking about mixology, and it just got me excited. I want to write about alcohol! All the time!

This is a problem for several reasons. The main one being that in order to write about alcohol all the time, I will have to drink alcohol. All the time. Ok, I exaggerate. But still. It’s a dangerous endeavor. I’m going to need all the (liquid) courage I can get.


Ok, I’m not actually as drunk as I probably sound. I’m only on my second beverage of the evening, albeit the one I’m drinking right now is straight from the bottle… WINE. I SWEAR IT’S ONLY WINE. Why dirty up a glass when there’s so little left?

This whole “omg I need to write about alcohol constantly” thing started this past weekend when my parents were visiting. Now don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t feel the need to drink more when my parents are around. They’re super cool people. We actually talked at length about all kinds of liquor one night, resulting in my Dad convincing me that vodka CAN, in fact, be delicious, and vowing to prove it to me when I went home for Christmas. I. Am. So. Excited.

The point is, when we were out at a super cute independent bookstore, my mom bought me an early Christmas present. It’s a book on mixology. It reminded me why I started this blog in the first place, and suddenly my life made sense again.

Clearly (if it weren’t obvious), I’m being dramatic. But whatever, I want to tell you a story. It’s about, you guessed it, alcohol! Like this!

In the summer of 2008, I was unemployed in Chicago with no job prospects, and all my attempts at finding work were failing miserably. Broke and frustrated, I decided the best answer to my problems would be to drop $800 on bartending classes and learn about the stuff that made my nights (and, let’s face it, days) more exciting.

The experience literally changed my life. Yeah yeah, super cliche, blah blah. But I’m not kidding. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Because, for the first time, alcohol became more than a tool for getting drunk. It became something new to learn about, something to appreciate, something to teach my friends about.

And the best part, of course, was that I was suddenly SO MUCH COOLER to all of my friends. I’m sure this makes me sound super lame, but that’s because I kind of am and have to get people drunk in order for them to like me.

JUST KIDDING. (sort of…)

My point is, I now go out and drink fancy cocktails and actually stop to think about what I’m drinking. A good cocktail is a terrible thing to waste. No chugging. One must contemplate each sip. Yummm…

I look forward to a time when I can afford all the fancy ingredients necessary to make delicious and creative cocktails. For now, I must stick to hot toddies and gin martinis. But hey, nothing wrong with perfecting the simple drinks. Someone’s gotta do it.

And this time, dear readers, I am finally back. I finally remembered why I started doing this in the first place, and this time you can’t get rid of me.

And now, to quote Jon Stewart, “your moment of zen:”