About the Author

Meet Christina, the author of this blog. She lives in Amsterdam and works for a company that makes athletic apparel for Ultimate Frisbee players (no, she can’t believe it either). In the spring and summer of 2011, she  wrote bar and restaurant reviews in Chicago for a website. That is part of the reason she started this blog.

Other important facts of note: She has no business drinking as much as she does for a girl her size, but she does it anyway. She can often be found writing blog posts while more inebriated than necessary. When she’s not doing that, she is avidly researching further things to write about. (So, you know, she’s drinking beer.)

She kindly requests that you enjoy this blog and hopes you will be kind enough to overlook the typos and excessive use of CAPS LOCK. She is easily overexcited, especially by large dogs and really incredible Happy Hours.

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